The fastest nationwide notary service.

Mobile Notary Service

Express Notary Services, Inc. is a nationwide mobile notary service that provides legal document signing solutions at the convenience of your home or place of business. By hiring a mobile notary service the process of notarizing documents is made much simpler and efficient. A mobile notary is not only convenient but can save you time and money by traveling to your home or business as a representative.

Why Choose Express Notary Service, Inc. for Your Mobile Notary Service?

At Express Notary Services, Inc. we have a large network of certified notaries that meet a high standard of requirements and experience. Our mobile notaries will represent your firm anywhere in the country and at the date and time of your choosing. Our mobile notary service providers will print the documents, bring them to your client and notarize any required documents. Every process of the document signing is handled with care, professionalism and integrity.

Customer Control Panel

With our customer control panel you can get access to place orders, view the status of an existing order, update a request and manage your profile. With our integrated technology solution for our mobile notary service, we make it easy to schedule an appointment and view when that order was completed.

We understand how important a legal document signing can be in business so our notaries are there to make the process fast, convenient and reliable. At Express Notary Service, Inc. we are committed to creating a convenient, fast and reliable service. To get started visit our home page to fill out a quick order form or call us at 888.282.9747 for more information.